For the high enthusiast, spend three hours in the dark exploring the many rooms and hallways that spirits roam the St. Boniface Museum. Many staff, volunteers, and guests have shared stories of direct contact with several spirits. The St. Boniface Museum has become a staple for the Haunted Winnipeg team as they continue communicating with local spirits. A plethora of spirit people dwell here and have made contact with us such as children, nuns, nurses, patients, and even a feisty voyageur.

Assist the guides as they once again attempt to communicate with these spirits with the aid of scanners, video equipment, basic tools, and a Spirit Medium!St. Boniface Museum


Available Vigil Dates in 2013:

  • Saturday September 14
  • Friday October 18 (full moon this night) - This night is from 9:30pm-12:30am - SOLD OUT

Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm (Note the Oct 18 vigil is frm 9:30pm-12:30am)0

Meeting Point:

 - St. Boniface Museum (494 Taché Avenue)

You are on your own in getting to/from the St. Boniface Museum

Parking is available on the local streets surrounding the museum

Cost of Vigil:

-$46.00 / adult + 5% GST

- Note you must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate in a Vigil; no exceptions will be made

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The Vigil Includes:

 - Entrance into the St. Boniface Museum

 - Guided tour throughout

 -Spirit Medium on site to assist with communication

 - Refreshments

 - Light snacks


 - Experience is 3 hours inside a museum, in the dark

 - No alcohol or drug use prior to the start of the Vigils

To Book:

 - Call Heartland Travel at (204) 989-9630

For a copy of the Waiver form for the St. Boniface Vigil, Click Here

Please read a list of FAQ's for the Vigils.


-Although 'unusual activities' do occur at the museum, there is never a guarantee they will happen on the dates and times that have been chosen -All guests on the vigils are encouraged to keep an open mind and to avoid the use of alcohol, drugs or medicines prior to the event

-It is important to understand that we are attempting to communicate with spirit people under white light on this vigil in the various rooms. Should anyone not feel comfortable with this concept, perhaps another tour option would be more appropriate. This is an investigation into the spirit world to better understand and appreciate life after life.

We are working within the confines of the building, its history and those who may have passed through its doors before us. Please do not attend in the hopes you will contact your deceased relatives, this is not the reason for our being here. Mediums will not be granting personal readings. Under no circumstances will we attempt to connect with deceased relatives of guests. Please seek out a professional reputable medium for your own personal reading.


For more information and to book your spot, please call Heartland Travel at (204) 989-9630

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