New for this year, the Haunted Winnipeg team will investigate the Marlborough Hotel. Join us for dinner in the historic Churchill room in the hotel then begin your investigation into this fascinating building. The hotel opened in 1914 as The Olympia and was described as "The Miniature Hotel Deluxe of Canada". Because of the rich history of the building, there are some fabulous ghost stories associated with it. Hear about staff and guest encounters and see and feel for yourself the locations that these encounters have taken place.

Join the Haunted Winnipeg guides and spirit medium for an evening of history, communicating, and experiments to see if the stories are true. Dowsing rods and table tipping will be used along with the tools of the trade that include: pendulums, EMF, video, cameras, and digital recording devices.


Cost: $69.00 + GST / adult

Location: Please meet at 331 Smith Street, inside the main lobby of the hotel; you are on your own to find parking

Medium: Donna Elliott

Light dinner includes: soup cup, 1/2 salad, 1/2 sandwich, choice of juice, tea, coffee or pop, dessert; please note any food allergies at the time of booking; anything extra that your order that is not included in the dinner will be paid for directly by you the night of the vigil

Dinner is served at 5:15pm; the investigation will start at 7pm and end at approximately 10pm

The Marlborough Dinner and Vigil Includes:

Click Here for a PDF copy of the waiver form

To book your spot, call Heartland Travel at 989-9630; space is limited


Important things to consider for this Vigil:

Please read a list of FAQ's for the Vigils.


-It is important to understand that we are attempting to communicate with spirit people under white light on this vigil in the various rooms. Should anyone not feel comfortable with this concept, perhaps another tour option would be more appropriate. This is an investigation into the spirit world to better understand and appreciate life after life.

-We are working within the confines of the building, its history and those who may have passed through its doors before us. Please do not attend in the hopes you will contact your deceased relatives, this is not the reason for our being here. Mediums will not be granting personal readings. Under no circumstances will we attempt to connect with deceased relatives of guests. Please seek out a professional reputable medium for your own personal reading.

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